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Yuma County Assessor’s Office

Common public record requests include parcel information and maps; property valuation and tax records; property-tax payment information; property ownership histories; tax information for cities, towns, and special districts.

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Yuma County Development Services Department

Common public record requests include general-plan documents; subdivision information; building permits; planning and zoning documents; easement information; development plans and agreements; building-code inspection reports; information on tax breaks; inspection records for swimming pools, hotels, motels, mobile home and RV parks; refuse-hauler and septic-tank pumping inspection reports; flood zone information.

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Yuma County Recorder’s Office

Common public record requests include tax records; copies of deeds; death certificate forms; property use records; property transfer documents; ownership records; liens; Uniform Commercial Code filings; voter registration figures; voting records for candidates; military discharge information from family members for estate issues.

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Yuma County Treasurer

Common public record requests include property ownership records; property-tax rolls and records; property-tax payment information; liens; tax revenue information; uncashed checks and warrants; unpaid-tax lists; excess proceeds lists.

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