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Yuma County Board of Supervisors

Common public record requests include meeting agendas and background materials; board resolutions; county ordinances and policies; supervisors’ correspondence and travel and expense reports; county elected officials’ financial disclosure statements; public bidding and contract documents.

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Yuma County Public Works Department

Common public record requests include public-building and infrastructure inspection records; public road, bridge and building quality assessments and maintenance histories; infrastructure update needs and costs; road construction updates; code violations in public buildings; utility cost records; public fleet records on condition, maintenance and purchasing costs; traffic engineering plans and costs; FEMA elevation certificates for residential structures; drainage and development reports; road design plans and reports; emails and correspondence relating to requests for road maintenance; revenue and spending documents.

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Yuma Fire Department

Common public record requests include emergency medical service and fire reports; inspection reports; call logs; hazardous material location data.

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Yuma Police

Common public record requests include crime incident and traffic accident reports; citation histories; personnel files and disciplinary records of law enforcement officers; salary information, timesheets, overtime pay logs; response-time data; 911 call recordings.

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