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Common public record requests include right-of-way permits; street closures; street maintenance histories and current reports; plans and costs for street improvements; traffic engineering plans and costs; traffic signal sequencing reports; water, sewer and storm drain maps; roadway improvement and construction contracts.


Carefree also has a public-records request form online at

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  • The information below will be used to populate a form letter, which will be emailed to the appropriate agency from the email address you provide. You will be able to review the letter before sending. AZ Public Info never sees what records you are requesting or the agency to which you are sending the request. Once you submit the request, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Please note: AZ Public Info is not responsible for fulfilling any records requests; it merely assists users in sending their own records requests to the appropriate agency. It is the agency's responsibility to fulfill the request. Direct all inquiries regarding records requests to the appropriate agency, not AZ Public Info.

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